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The tiny country of Lesotho is entirely surrounded by South Africa, yet it remains one of the most remote and unexplored areas in the region. The reason for this isolation is the mountains – row upon row of serrated peaks make this the country with the highest ‘low point’ in the world. But the mountains that give Lesotho its dramatic landscapes have also played a crucial role in creating a country with a unique history. It’s a stirring story of courage and cunning, featuring remarkable individuals such as King Moshoeshoe – founder of the Basotho nation – who gathered people together on the flat-topped hill of Thaba Bosiu, the mountain of night.

Today, Lesotho is an irresistible lure to adventurous travellers who want to head off the beaten path and tackle the mighty mountains. But Lesotho isn’t as inaccessible as it seems. The country is bisected by a number of tarred and gravel roads; leading motorists on jaw-dropping drives through some of the highest mountains this side of Kilimanjaro. Small rural village nestle on the slopes, much as they have done for over 200 years, and delightful lodges are tucked away in secluded valleys. All in all, it’s a land of secret vistas and pristine scenery.

This book is the first travel guide written in the last 20 years dedicated solely to Lesotho. It will give the traveller an insight into the remarkable history of the country. Suggested itineraries are included, along with accommodation options, leisure activities and other useful information for trip-planning.

“No-nonsense advice, tips and general information… One would expect a travel guide to be a useful companion on the road; it’s an added bonus when it is passionate and entertaining as well.” – Sarah Borchert, Africa Geographic magazine

“A fun book to read – which says a lot for the guide. The author manages to impart real nuts-and-bolts information in fine detail, suggest excellent itineraries and give accommodation options – all with a quirky sense of humour. He makes you want to go to the Mountain Kingdom, even if you’re already there. Highly recommended reading.” – Evan Haussmann, Getaway magazine

Interview with Mike Mills on Classic FM: 16/05/2010

334 pages, black and white with colour photo inserts, dimensions: 200x130mm

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  1. This is a huge source (and the only one I know of) of practical information on travelling in Lesotho. The historical information is big bonus. My motorbike trip in February 2014 was planned only on this book’s information.

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